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Security can never be overestimated. Every thriving organization must build a safe environ for its activities, and homes must secure access, in and out. Let us help you get the security you so much desire and constant communication within your institution.

We are renowned at what we do. Check out some of our services below:

1. Access Control

Access control is one of the most essential physical and information security. It encompasses selective access to a facility or a building. This kind of security system ensures that unauthorized personnel do not have access to restricted part of the facility while they can comfortably access other areas opened to them. 

Key tools in access control:

New techs on access control maintain a database of login credentials that can be used to verify, grant or deny access to an area in a building.

  • Authorization

Authorization may come by way of a key/pass or a smartcard/keyfob, an identification upload on a system, or a biometrics evaluation.

  • Locks

Access is denied to any person without the required pass, as such, they are locked out.

  • Login requirements

This is uploaded to the database and may include an access code, or security number.

IPPhonePro deals in all kinds of access control.

2. Alarm Systems

Get unwavering alarm systems installed on your property. You can be alerted of unauthorized entry, strange movements, emergency situations and potential danger. An alarm system will keep your establishment safe, out of arms way, and prepare your staff for any approaching danger. This kind of system may come as:

  • Fire alarm
  • Biohazard alarm
  • Emergency alarms in hospitals
  • Staff reminder alarms
  • Notifications alarms, etc.

3. Audio Security system

Communicate within your building via audio telecommunication. Audio security system is faster and more efficient and can aid swift sharing of information. With this type of system, your building is fortified with an internal network that is accessible to persons within.

4. Video Security system

Video security systems are camera enhanced and enable eyes all around your facility. This kind of security system often comes with WebCam or video camera that streams, and send feeds through a computer network. You can choose a system that is installed at the entrance and key parts of your building or simply attach IP webcams to your laptops, and devices.

Some features:

  • Image sensors
  • Optics
  • Compression
  • Interface



Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) video surveillance covers your facility and sends signals to monitors in a control room. It can be regarded as a broadcast television that openly records and send live feeds, through a point to point (P2P) or mesh wired/wireless links, or a point-to-multipoint (P2MP).

CCTV is favored in facilities that need live monitoring in order to detect crime, follow up work activities and for motion detection. There are at least 350 million surveillance cameras worldwide and we have the best products that work.


  • Perimeter security
  • Observation
  • Motoring
  • Security check
  • Prevention of crime


6. Electrician

Get help with electrical problems and maintenance of your IP devices. IPphonePro offers assistance with the installation of your Yealinks, grandstream network, and other major names in the industry.

We provide assistance with electrical installations, maintenance, and check up. Our professional also do on site activities that can empower your electricians to carry over maintenance.

7. Home Automation

Get an overall home automation and security systems, which operates as a central hub for monitoring and controlling home communications and security.

Our services also span across smart house home automation like;

  • Room Control Unit: for homes and hotels, and other facilities.
  • CITIB-AMX control panel: Touch panels and smart control panels. These are easy to use, beautiful, fanciful, efficient with a streamlined interface.
  • Video doorbell with Wi-Fi camera: enhance home security with video doorbell and wi-fi camera that allows you to easily verify entrants. These systems can be controlled from an IP panel, 
  • Home smart locks: You can utilize the best home smart locks here by contacting us.

8. Intercom systems

This includes GSM, Wired, wireless and even video intercom systems. Upgraded intercoms, properly installed, and electrically wired to deliver best.

Try out apartment intercoms for door unit at the entrance of an apartment. This system uses multiple units that are connected to either a landline or even a phone number. Intercoms systems can help you exchange and receive ideas from both ends.

We are dealers in the best intercom systems; kindly reach across if you have any questions.

9. Smart Home

Control the lighting, temperature, alarm system, security, Locks and access into, and around the home. A property enhanced with smart home features worth much more than its counterparts. Contact us for a comprehensive package.

10. Structured cabling

Most efficient structured cabling also available. Use structured cabling to support multiple hardware. With telecommunications, you can use horizontal cabling, telecommunications enclosure, gateway router, etc to deliver the best results desired.

Would you like to reach out? Please contact us.

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