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Telecommunication at its peak! You can now obtain help with your telecommunications and security systems without hassles. We help you connect, fortify, and secure your desired locations.

Get viable IP Phone and security system with the installation of best products in the technology market.

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Ours is a team that:

  • Has the technological know how
  • Is packed with effective gadgets
  • Has proper dominance in the industry,
  • Pursues clientele satisfaction as a policy

IpphonePro is your online go-to for amazing telecommunications, IP Phones and impenetrable security systems. We ensure that your institution enjoy the best lockdown, sufficient information exchange and great connections.


Procure both wired and wireless telecommunications for your interiors; ranging from

  1. VOIP: Voice over internet protocols and telephone products that can link to VOIP and other telephony systems.

  2. Telecommunication devises for two-way communications

  3. Wired intercom implemented with the use of wire technology around your building, for the transmission of information from the entrances to anywhere around the building.

  4. Wireless intercoms for both videos and audios transmission, including security system.

  5. Telephone systems including internet telephony, packet switch telephony as opposed to PSTN, etc.

IP Phone

IP phones function essentially like regular telephones, but are specially built for receiving and making IP calls. These devises are built with IP technology and RJ-45 Ethernet for speedy connections.

Security systems

Security is as crucial as safeguarding your life, your employees’ safety, and corporate investments. The only way to monitor what occurs in your building is through a durable and strong security system. The right gadgets and devices are in the market and IpphonePro ensures you get the best.

We stock tested and trusted products:

  • Yealinks
  • Grandstream network

Get devises that won’t let you down. Speak to us about your best option. Contact Us.

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